How the Love of Cider began- South Street Lyndonville VT

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Hey everybody this is Caleb Noble from Saintly Cider. I wanted to start a blog to tell everybody about our story and to hopefully inspire others to chase their dreams. I will be honest, I type like I talk so grammatically my blog posts may not be perfect, but what I say here is heartfelt and sincere.

First of all… I just want to say that I am nothing special and that I am a normal everyday person just like everyone else. I have just chosen to chase a dream that started in 2010 on South Street in Lyndonville VT. (My Junior year) Like many college students… motivation was not my strong suit when it came to sitting down and writing papers. I really didn’t like beer that much and you may laugh…my go to drink was Stoli Blueberry with Cranberry juice. (Tastes awesome!!!) I decided to branch out and try some hard cider to help me get through my essays.

The first 6 pack that I bought was Woodchuck Amber (A VT brand- largest in the United Stated) and I was hooked. I literally began to drink Woodchuck all of the time… especially when I was sitting alone in my room grinding out papers. If you know anything about VT it is all about supporting local especially the VT brand. (That is something I am trying to create in MA with Saintly Cider)

During this time I began playing in a band and we use to play all over New England. The first question I would ask the Venue or the bar would be “What cider do you have” Slowly I began trying all different types of ciders from all over. Over time I began to figure out what styles I liked and didn’t like.

I remember specifically day dreaming with a couple of my band mates about if we ever made it big what we would do. I said that I would start a cider company and my other buddy Spencer said he would start a brewery…Funny thing is almost 8 years later I started a cider company and he is a brewer down in CT. There is no question in my mind…he will own his own brewery someday. Funny how things turn out in life…No more band… but now I have achieved the dream we use to talk about on road trips…Owning my own Cider Company (Along with my partner in crime… biggest supporter…and mad scientist… Emily AKA My Wife!!!)

I’m not sure where this blog will go… but stay tuned to hear more of our story of how we chased a dream and became Saintly Cider!

With Lots of Love,


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