The Beginning of Our Cider Adventure!

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Fast forward to around September 2014… I had just met Emily and still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was living in my parents basement with a part time job.

I remember specifically having a conversation with Emily one day… I was complaining that I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life…like most 25 year olds… she responded with well… what do you like to do? I said well I do like to drink cider!

Next thing you know we looked up the closest home brew store which wasin Marlborough MA called Strange Brew and headed down and bought $200 worth of cider making equipment.

As soon as we made our first batch of cider I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I began obsessing over making cider and learning how to get better… I also drove Emily absolutely nuts at some points!

My parents basement was littered with glass carboys and smelt like fermentation and the floor was almost always sticky from us spilling cider everywhere.

We started picking the brains of pretty much anybody that knew anything about making cider as well as reading every cider or cider making book that we could get our hands on!

Do you know what its like to think you have everything figured out and then….WHAM… reality check… now everything seems like its going wrong and you feel like you know nothing again. That happened to us at our first real cider event out in western MA… It is called Cider Days.. Where people from all over New England come and learn about anything related to apples. We learned what real traditional hard cider was supposed to taste like and talked to pretty much anyone who would talk to us about the cider making process.

If you’ve never should go! Its a blast! Pretty much a bunch of awesome people hanging out and drinking amazing cider!

After that point we went home put the books to the side…stopped adding as many ingredients…and let the cider give us what it was supposed to give us… In essence KISS- Keep it simple stupid.

Once we did that our cider began to really take a turn for the better and we felt like what we were making was actually half decent..

Our goal was to create an accessible and drinkable dry cider that was different than any other cider that we could get our hands on…we were finally getting somewhere!

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